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In case you have chosen the subject, the programme, the speakers and the location for your event, and are looking for an external and independent person who animates your conference, who challenges the speakers, who gets the panel discussion on the right track or who moderates your event as a whole then MODERATOR 4 AUDIENCE offers you the right solution. Available in Dutch, French and English.

Why do you need an event moderator ?
The success of a conference often depends on the professionalism of the moderator…

- Before the event …

  • Making sure the preparation is complete (coordination with the conference sponsor),
  • At least two conference calls with every speaker before the event regarding their biographies, their presentation, the coordination between the various presentations,…
  • Ensure speakers feel comfortable (position on stage, liquid, noise distractions (cellphones), calming nervous speakers,…)
  • Prepare the event room : who will be responsible for technical support ?, checking lighting (lights and level of lighting), audio-visual equipment, what about handouts ?
  • Make sure every speaker has back-up printouts of his/her presentation
  • Interacting with arriving participants.

- During the event …

  • Welcoming the audience, the event organiser and the speakers,
  • Introducing the themes, subjects and speakers of the conference in a brief, calm, informative and professional manner.
  • General monitoring of the event:
    • Ensuring correct timing as scheduled,
    • Encouraging and coordinating interaction between the audience and the speakers,
    • Supervising sound and light on the stage,
    • Facilitating round table discussions,
    • Keeping things rolling during the Q&A sessions,
    • Working out and presenting closing scripts.
  • Concluding the session : inviting for follow up, handling additional questions, evaluation questionnaire, …

- After the event …

  • Post-seminar follow up meeting with conference organiser
  • If applicable, coordination of follow up with the conference audience

The moderator often sets the tone of the event …
He starts and ends the conference session.

Why would you use an external moderator
if someone of your own organisation can do the same job ?

Here are some good reasons …

  1. The neutral position of the external moderator :
    Somebody within your own organisation may not have the same « freedom » to ask the questions that should be asked. In-house moderators may feel uncomfortable when putting critical questions to their own hierarchy.
  2. The freedom to ask basic questions.
    The in-house moderator knows everything about his own organisation or the subjects presented. An external moderator has the « right » to ask the basic questions which may be relevant to your public.
  3. Interaction between the audience and the speakers:
    An external moderator is better placed to connect the audience with the speakers and to ensure that a perfect balance exists between both.
  4. From a commercial point of view, the audience often perceives an external moderator as being more objective. The external moderator will be seen as the ambassador of the audience.
  5. « On scene » skills :
    In-house moderators may have a good technical knowledge of the themes of the event but do not always have the neccessary presentation and language skills.
  6. For internal conferences, it has been proven that an external moderator can contribute significantly to the motivation of your staff.