Our training portfolio

Through individual coaching or small group sessions we offer a number of interactive training courses with video-recorded exercises and based on the principle of "teach less, learn more"

Public speaking

"70% of the people don't like public speaking! More than 90% of participants confirm daydreaming during conferences!"


Each company has a wealth of expertise that it wants to share with its customers and prospects. The first customers to inform are often the people within the organization ... You have the necessary technical skills, but you miss the confidence or certain public speaking techniques. How can you better inspire your audience and make sure they remember you as a speaker in a positive and sustainable way?


The training helps those who wish to speak to an external audience or to all staff who should intervene at important events within the company or who need to train staff.
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Networking 4 Prospection


Training dedicated to find new clients and developing your network. Why does your business need to grow and how do you motivate employees to participate in winning new clients? Getting an appointment or expanding your contacts is not selling! Practical, short and interactive workshop.


The training is dedicated to everyone involved in promoting the company in general or more specifically to employees with a commercial mission and/or representation.
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Quality of Service

« How to turn a good service into an excellent service?»


Human capital in the company is made up of a diversity of people with enormous potential. The control of the technicality of the offer is often acquired but what is the behavioral attitude of each? Each person arrives in a company with its own past: an education, different experiences and working cultures, ... This difference is an opportunity but must sometimes be channeled to ensure to customers a consistent and constant quality of service ...


The objective is twofold:
- ensure a more homogeneous quality of service and less dependent on the interpretation of each.
- evolve towards a higher level of service standard to stand out from the competition.
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MIFID : Suitability Review

A commercial opportunity rather than an administrative task...


Since 2018 European financial institutions have been obliged to verify that their advisory or discretionary management services are consistent with the investment objectives, the financial situation and the knowledge of products and the client's experience. To ensure this assessment correctly, the bank wishes to obtain this information from its customer. Often this work is treated as a simple administrative task ("questionnaire" approach) and not as a business opportunity in the interest of the client and his banker.


The training is aimed to all those who are in direct contact with clients (private banker, relationship manager, sales assistant, investment manager, estate planner)
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